Amy Frykholm

"(See Me Naked) is an essential book, and will perhaps begin the national conversation that we deserve." - Paul Landerman Chicago EDGE

To create this book of stories about contemporary religion and sexuality, Frykholm interviewed people with one simple question in mind: Tell me the story of the relationship between your religious identity and your sexual experience. The resulting nine stories from American Protestants are deeply felt and deeply human. One of her subjects, Genevieve noted the significance that storytelling, in itself, has had in her own experience. “People who told their stories started getting better,” she said. “The people who kept their stories to themselves didn’t.” A story, writes Barbara Brown Taylor, “creates a quiet place where one may lay down one’s defenses for awhile. A story does not ask for a decision. Instead, it asks for identification, which is how transformation begins.” That is the hope embedded in this book: that as we cross into the realm of other people’s stories, we might begin our own transformations: we might begin to live more fully and more completely as both spiritual and sexual beings.

"Frykholm presents a pretty compelling picture of how American Christians of various stripes have viewed the sensory world with suspicion, a suspicion that cripples people by putting that which is embodied and that which is spiritual in conflict." -Rachael Stone Eat with Joy

"A fascinating, troubling, and finally heartening book that subtly shows ways that Christians might reconcile their bodies with their devotion to God." - Graham Christian Library Journal

The first fully-realized biography of Julian—theologian, anchorite, and visionary of the Middle Ages.

In May 1373, a woman living in East Anglia suffered an illness. She received visions—what she later called "sixteen showings"—revealing to her secrets of the love of God. When she fully recovered, Julian created what became the first English-language book written by a woman. Drawing on Julian's own writings, Frykholm paints a vivid picture of the 14th century and this remarkable woman's place in it. Through plague, church corruption, economic devastation, and great personal loss, Julian presciently addressed her culture's greatest fears and anxieties and created a portrait of divine love that resonates powerfully today.

"Frykholm...has audaciously done something many people would have said was not possible: written [Julian's] biography. Frykholm has combined a careful reading of Julian's writings…with a deep immersion in the scholarship of 14th-century England to offer an informed and absorbing...account of Julian's life." –Lauren F. Winner, Books & Culture

"It reads with the energy of a novel and the insight of a spiritual classic." –Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Christianity Today

“Deeply moving” - Michael McLean, founder of The Friends of Julian

“Crackling with life...” - The Denver Post

In the "twinkling of an eye" Jesus secretly returns to earth and gathers to him all believers. As they are taken to heaven, the world they leave behind is plunged into chaos. This is the story told in the Left Behind series--novels that depict the rapture and apocalypse--perennial bestsellers, with over 40 million copies now in print. In Rapture Culture, Amy Frykholm explores this remarkable phenomenon by studying readers of the Left Behind series and how they understand this story in light of their faith.

"An informative, brightly written analysis of apocalyptic sentiment on the popular level. This is a most interesting book and an important contribution to the growing literature on evangelicalism." -Randall Balmer, author of Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: A Journey into the Evangelical Subculture in America

"Rapture Culture offers fresh and illuminating insights into one of the most significant cultural phenomena of our era, the explosion of interest in biblical prophecies of the end times. Drawing on in-depth interviews, Amy Johnson Frykholm shrewdly explores the popular reception of the bestselling Left Behind prophecy novels as readers share their responses in the context of family, church, and other social networks. This eminently readable book explores the interaction of contemporary American religion, cultural politics, gender issues, and the mass media. Highly recommended." -Paul S. Boyer, author of When Time Shall Be No More: Prophecy Belief in Modern American Culture

"This fascinating book is a one-of-a-kind look at how people read religious literature. Thoroughly engaging, it asks us to consider the importance of imagination in the construction of a spiritual life. The author gives us an inside view of often conflicting interpretations that Christians give of the drama of the End Times."
-Colleen McDannell, author of Material Christianity: Religion and Popular Culture in America

In this crisp and engaging volume Amy Frykholm offers a tour through more than two millennia of Christian thought on the future. Starting with the contexts of the Hebrew Bible and moving forward, Frykholm outlines the enduring fascination believers have had with future events and the myriad ways they have articulated their beliefs about what the future holds. From the imperial contexts of the book of Revelation to the end times prophecy of Harold Camping, Frykholm presents a thoughtful and insightful journey.